Maximum comfort and foot health – Thanks to the unique protrusion structure, while walking, the flip-flops stimulate pressure points in the foot, increase blood flow in the foot and help relieve pain and fatigue in the legs and throughout the body. The structure of the bumps also contributes to the ventilation of the foot while walking

Customized for you – Once locked, the flip flops will acquire the shape of your foot and adapt optimally to the structure of your foot.

Your confidence – Our slippers are made of quality materials that will not disappoint you in the middle of the walk! Bumpers are made of natural rubber which gives it great elasticity and strength. Bumpers slippers are equipped with a non-slip sole, both on wet and dry floors

Because we care about nature – Bumpers slippers are made from natural and recycled materials. Bumpers are manufactured in a green factory – all production waste is sent for recycling and the creation of new products

Bumpers Effect